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Zoo Address: 22715 U.S. 2 
Give us a CALL or TEXT us at
(425) 971-0435
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Welcome to our website! Please go to the "SCHEDULE" and "CALENDAR" tab before your visit to look at any variations to the normal schedule. Thank you for your help!

We are home to the most extensive collection of reptiles on display in the Pacific NW! 
  • Albino alligator!
  • Two-head turtle!
  • Free parking! 
  • Friendly staff! 
  • Great fun for all ages! 
We have tortoise petting whenever we are open, but additional touching opportunities (Close Encounters) and special feedings happen on certain days at certain times. Go to our "SCHEDULE" tab to pin down when would be the best time for you and your group to visit! 
Ask us about our adoption program. There is no adoption fee. If you are interested in adopting an animal you will need 3 things: 
1. Book relating to the care of the species you want to adopt
2. Enclosure ready to go with heating, bedding, etc. 
3. Container for transporting your new animal home 
*Please remember there is no fee to adopt our animals, but you must meet all criteria noted above.

Animals Available for Adoption at the Reptile Zoo as of February 9th, 2024
1. Rosy Boas: males (2 of them), 5-15 years old
2. Dumerils Boa: sex unknown, 8 years old: ADOPTED

3. Ball Python: female, 6 years old
4. Ball Python: sex unknown, 12-18 months old
5. Red-Footed Tortoise: male, 22 years old: ADOPTED 
6. Corn snake: female, 15 years old
7. Crested gecko: male, 2 years old
8 Crested gecko: male, 2 years old
9.Bearded Dragon: male, age unknown

10. Russian Tortoise: male, age unknown
Call me at (425) 971-0435 with any questions. 
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